From Garden to Foyer, the beauty of the Hotel Villa Giulia that faces Lake Garda.

What makes this experience in a Charm Hotel such as Villa Giulia so unique is not only the elegance of its Rooms, but also the luxury and peace of the settings that enhance the diverse moments of your stay at Lake Garda.

From your welcome in the Hotel Foyer, through the quiet and distinction of its Lounge, to the relaxation and charm of the Garden and Swimming Pool, these settings all hold the magical allurement of the view of Lake Garda and Monte Baldo, the peacefulness of an oasis embodied with serenity and wellbeing, the somber elegance that characterizes the luxury of the Villa Giulia Hotel. 



Making you feel welcome and relaxed is the emblematic style of Villa Giulia.

The Foyer is a warm and stylish setting that welcomes you on your arrival at Villa Giulia: here the staff waits to welcome you and meets your every need. From this point you can breathe the sophisticated and magical atmosphere that flows through our Charm Hotel.

Nearby you will find the Lounge and reading room: an elegant, period salon, in the style of the cultured living rooms from the onset of the nineteen hundreds: here Guests can mingle and share relaxing moments, become absorbed in a book or simply enjoy the peace and sophistication of a luxury Hotel.  


A stylish Bar and Terrace overlooking the lake ideal for a beverage or a sophisticated cocktail.

The Bar of the Hotel is a setting that will enhance your relaxation, mingling with other Guests, celebrating some special event with all the style and distinction of Villa Giulia.

For a romantic cocktail or simply to enjoy the awesome panoramic view of the lake and Monte Baldo, the Bar boasts a splendid terrace surrounded by the foliage of the Italian-style garden that looks onto the blue waters of Lake Garda.



Our lake-side Garden will engage you in its coloursand aromas of nature.

The flowers, the sun on the leaves and the singing of the birds: mornings at Villa Giulia start in this way, with a greeting from nature in the  exclusive Garden of the Hotel: strolling along its paths you will become embraced by the sounds and scents that only a Garden can offer.  

The Garden is an ideal place to absorb the caresses of the sun and relax sensing the aromas and the serenity of the setting. The atmosphere of the garden on the lake is magical: time seems to stop and you define your own pace, escorted and swung by our staff’s constant care.


Elegance and style for magical moments on the lake's Riviera.

The Italian-style garden leads you towards the glow of the lemon trees where you are inebriated by the scent of the citrus fruits and towards the blueness of the lake where the small private beach of the Hotel is set.
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