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The Garden

Our lake-side Garden will engage you in its coloursand aromas of nature.

The flowers, the sun on the leaves and the singing of the birds: mornings at Villa Giulia start in this way, with a greeting from nature in the  exclusive Garden of the Hotel: strolling along its paths you will become embraced by the sounds and scents that only a Garden can offer.  

The Garden is an ideal place to absorb the caresses of the sun and relax sensing the aromas and the serenity of the setting. The atmosphere of the garden on the lake is magical: time seems to stop and you define your own pace, escorted and swung by our staff’s constant care.


Elegance and style for magical moments on the lake’s Riviera.
The Italian-style garden leads you towards the glow of the lemon trees where you are inebriated by  the scent of the citrus fruits and towards the blueness of the lake where the  small private beach of the Hotel is set.

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