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Gargnano on Lake Garda


Gargnano is one of the few villages on the Lake that still maintains its original structure, where you can still breathe the air of times gone by when life was marked by the rhythm of nature. Here you can spend moments of total relaxation being literally enchanted by the harmony of our lands.

Gargnano is located in the centre of the “Parco dell’ Alto Garda” and it is the largest municipality in terms of territory (78.3 km2). The capital and the main villages border on the lake, whilst Villavetro, Fornico and Zuino climb delicately up the modest hillside enclosed by olive trees. At about an altitude of 500 meters, the hill offers other villages: Liano, Formaga, Navazzo, Sasso and Musaga. Further over you can see Muslone, a peak overlooking the Garda, whilst the Costa basin is immersed in foliage, 18 kilometers from the Capital.

The villages on the lake embrace buildings of relevant architectural characteristics, whilst the entire territory offers a historical picture through structures that have their foundations set in the centuries and the traditions of peasant expertise, evidenced by the operability of these ancient rural boroughs.

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